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Ideas Container is a design house deals in Print Media, Electronic & Cyber Media. We believe in completely visual and disrupted art, but with ethics. We are basically design manipulators who aim to introduce the modern design with diversity.

Ideas Container is a company focused to the advertisement market which believes in breaking the existing boundaries and creating the new ones, through its creative ideas and challenging skills. “Do we need to make you believe?” No, you will yourself.


Ideas Container is a brand name which is produced by the combination of three unique and individual tendencies: Wolfoxattitude, Virtual Reality and Print Care working efficiently and passionately in their specific working areas.


Before starting a task, WE BELIEVE TO EXPLORE. For concept development and brand building research is the integral part. While working on any project, first we do research about the subject, the client-age and the market. Also we take help from research in concept development and in the technical issues of graphic design, photography, printing and illustration etc.


Competing in the global age of new media, we want to excel through transforming different kind of mediums efficiently and economically. We offer best proposals about choosing right medium for the right client-age and in the right areas with expertise in all mediums of the day interactive, electronic, cyber outdoor, transit and print media.


After exploring and transforming, we intend to end with implementing our ideas, concepts, research, marketing strategies and media plan to the peak of perfection. We wish to bring revolution in the field of advertisement through dynamic implementation.


This approach comprehensively cover all aspects of a project from planning to designing and implementation. It includes Home Survey, Intelligent Design, Customization, Made-to-Order, Installation, Quality Check and Constant Care.


Our team of experts would be more than happy to visit your house for precise measurements. It allows us to get to know the space you have in order to make the most out of it. One of our experts is appointed to discuss the kitchen plan with you in all its details. Once the plan is finalized we will look after the entire installation process from start to finish.


Personalizing the home space could be the biggest satisfaction our customers can have. To ensure this feeling of satisfaction we offer the biggest range of custom made kitchen, living room and bedroom solutions. Swiss Kitchens is one of the few companies that provide custom made solutions. Our customers have the luxury to choose from any color, size, quality or design as per the requirement.